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This page is dedicated to the hardworking Post Mix Technicians of the past thirty years.  Misunderstood, underestimated, taken for granted, and definitely……..legends.

The Postmix Department of Six Flags is the most critical department at the park. Since the majority of Six Flags’ income is derived from cold drink sales….it is imperative that these beverages flow without interruption, & at the perfect carbonation and Brix levels. It was the duty of these men to ensure that these lofty goals were met with deadly precision and flawless execution. In order to keep from paying Coca-Cola service $35 an hour to come out to the park every 2 hours, the brass at SFOT came up with a brilliant idea….create our own service department…..at $5 to $6 an hour….thus was created.…Postmix. The old Ice House (Clock Tower) was their new home….and it was called…..NorthStar. This is their story, their legacy, their trials and tribulations. Turn back the pages of time, and immerse yourself in the pageantry of soft drink machine maintenance…...



North end of NorthStar Headquarters


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